390 Gorgeous Condition Rare 4 Speed Manual

We have a special car here it's a 1968 AMX. This car was made by American Motors Corporation, the company we are named after. This car is in great shape overall with just a few imperfections. There are some scratches on the glass and some imperfections in the paint. For the most part, the car appears to be in great shape. The paint is a nice red with a black interior. The exhaust was halfway cut off so we installed a brand new exhaust and muffler. It has a 4-speed manual transmission, which according to our research isn't that common. The engine sounds great! Please see the decoded VIN and data plate info below. Red paint with white stripes Black interior 390 AMX Engine 4 Speed manual transmission New dual exhaust and mufflers Odometer reads just over 32,000 miles AMX wheels with Radial tires If you have any questions please give us a call at 408-610-1000 VIN: A8M397X351118 A = AMC 8 = Year - 1968 M = Transmission type - 4-speed manual floor 3 = Car series - AMX 9 = Body type - 2 door hardtop 7 = Body class - Rouge, SST, AMX X = Engine - 390 4V 351118 = Production sequence/serial number Body R026166 R = Kenosha plant 026166 = Body number Model 6839-7 68 = Year - 1968 3 = Car series - AMX 9 = Body type - 2 door hardtop 7 = Body class - Rouge, SST, AMX Trim 831A 831 = Black A = Ventiliar Vinyl with reclining seats Paint 39A = Matador Red Car build sequence number B112776



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