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American Motors Custom & Classics know the first thing you want when you get a classic is to take it out on the road and enjoy it. Unfortunately more often, what happens is they get the car they bought off a private party or online from a private party, only to find it has a basket of surprises with electrical, lights, horns, brakes, etc. that will add time and expense before they can enjoy their new ride. American Motors Custom & Classics goes through each car providing you with a complete safety inspection of lights, horns, brakes, turn signals, etc. to make sure the car is in great shape when you get it.

Beyond that, we aim for complete transparency with descriptions, videos, sounds of engines running, driving videos, even describing material facts that are bad about a vehicle so you do not get any surprises. On newer cars, a Carfax disclosure is accompanied with all paperwork. Financing, trade ins, and other reasons make American Motors Custom & Classics your one stop shop to park your dream into the driveway.


About us
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